Thursday, September 10, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Set No. 9

1. A first order reaction is 50% complete in 30 minutes at 27°C and in 10 minutes at 47°C. Calculate the reaction rate constant at 27°C and the energy of activation of the reaction in kJ/mole.

2. Assertion Reason Type

Statement : The order of reaction cannot have a fractional value.
Reason: For an elementary reaction, the partial orders are determined by the reaction stoichiometry.

3. An element crystallises in a structure having fcc unit cell of an edge 200pm. What is the density if 200g of it contains 24×1023 atoms?

a. 43.6 g
b. 44.6 g
c. 42.6 g
d. 41.6 g

4. Give the steps for converting Ethylbenzene to 2-phenylpropionic acid.

5. the standard reduction potential of the Ag+/Ag electrode at 298K is 0.799 V. Given that for AgI, Ksp = 8.7×10-17, evaluate the potential of the Ag+/Ag electrode in a saturaded solution of AgI.

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